Shadow 1801

The starter computer… A best buy starter computer. Good for those just starting out, have minimal use for a computer, or who are on a budget. Designed for power efficiency and space saving. This small computer will handle all the basic tasks you throw at it and is fully capable with word processing, email, web […]

Shadow 1802

The standard computer… This is our next step up from our basic model and is built with a bit more power and has more expansion capabilities with a 5.25” case bay. Another great starter or low usage computer which again is design with space saving and power efficiency in mind. With more system resources your […]

Shadow 1803

The all arounder… Our mid range computer is a good entry point for those which are looking for more versatility in a system and requiring more power and space for storage. The Shadow 1803 is our first entry utilizing a tower case. This design allows more airflow to keep the computer cool for long periods […]

Shadow 1804

A gaming machine… Need a computer with enough power to put a grin on your face? Look no further. Right here we have a screaming speed demon of a machine that will handle just about any game on the market today. We build with a mid-range video card that is more than capable for the […]