A past of experience…

Over two decades of experience, with a start back in the days of MS-DOS 6 and Windows 3.x.  With multiple previous jobs as a PC repair technician, there is not much we are not prepared for when it comes to the personal computer.  Experience with building specific machines and working with a variety of components such as video recording computers, network storage, editing computers, and RAID systems.

In the area of repair, we are more than capable to perform an accurate diagnostic, system repairs of hardware and software, installations, backups, and restorations.  Whether the problem be from a virus or from the user, we can return a computer to proper working order.


Why choose a SS computer?

Customization!  If you want or need a certain specification for your computer, we can build to that spec.  We offer a few standard packages for our machines, but if you do not like the specs, or perhaps the price, let us know.  We can work a bit with the machines and change their configurations to suit your needs.

Another one of the great things about our computers is we do not pre-install a ton of software onto your computer which you may not need (bloatware) and which might slow down your computer from the start, even when brand new.  A lot of manufacturers do this.  We do not.  Instead, we offer a basic installation with recommended software included, but we leave you the choice whether or not to install it.

We also offer up to two hours of phone and remote assistance for user questions about your computer and its operation for the first six months after purchase.  If you run into any problems while trying to familiarize yourself with its use, give us a call or lets us show on your screen the demonstrations to help you.  Scheduling this assistance with us will allow some help with common computer usage problems.

You purchase local, you deal with someone local.  You will not need to have your computer shipped out of state or never meet the one trying to resolve your issues.  We put a face with your computer.


Shadowsnap Systems policy.

We are based out of Genesee County in Michigan and service this and surrounding area.  We deliver our machines locally.  We do not ship out our PC’s.

Shadowsnap machines are built to order and take around a week to complete and deliver.

After an order is placed, we do not allow refunds or returns.

No checks accepted as payment.

Parts warranties are 30 days from the date of placed order.

We do not service Linux or Mac systems.  Our repair service is only available on Windows based systems.

Our builds include computer only.  Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers, and Printer are not included and may be purchased separately.