Ours or not.  Our services!

Air Cleaning – $25.⁰⁰ ($10.⁰⁰ if a Shadowsnap computer)
Dust is the enemy of a computer.  Most computers use fans and airflow to keep themselves cool and working.  Dust can slow down fan speeds and settle on components inside the computer which will trap heat.  Heat is what tends to damage components in a computer over a period of time if not cleaned.  With our air cleaning, we will clear out that dust for you.

PC Pickup – $50.⁰⁰ for cleanups/$80.⁰⁰ for repair or re-installation (must own a valid Windows license)
Computer problems?  Most of the time you just need a good cleanup of the system.  Malware and other malicious software can bring your system speed down to a crawl.  We do not have a computer shop but do offer a scheduled pick-up and drop-off for your computer system.  Whether it needs a cleanup, repair, or reinstallation.

Parts Installation – $20.⁰⁰
Looking to upgrade your computer?  We can help.  Whether you wish to change to a faster processor, add more memory, or go with a faster video card, we can inspect, advise, and upgrade.

Supervised Building (non-water cooled systems) – $85.⁰⁰
Interested in learning and building your own, but a bit nervous about the process?  Send us a list of which components you are buying and schedule us to assist you with a build to ensure things go smoothly.

Instructional – $45.⁰⁰/hr. ($30.⁰⁰/hr. if a Shadowsnap computer)
New computer but not sure what to do or how to set it up?  Need help familiarizing yourself with the machine?  We can help!  Personal 1-on-1 instructions showing you tips and tricks and teaching how to operate the computer.  We will make sure you are confident when sitting down and using the machine.  Everything from how to plug in and use your peripherals to navigating through Windows, using the Internet, and running your software.

Commercial Services – starting at $250.⁰⁰
Put your business online!  Have a small business which needs an online presence?  Our starter service will get your own custom domain name (.com, .net, .org, etc.) along with a website showcasing your business and/or products.